Hey, and nice to meet you!
We are Cory and Andy, and we are both from beautiful Austria. We currently live in Graz, in the middle of the green heart of the country.

Years ago we have lived a life full of stress and lots of personal troubles. We were super lucky, because exactly in this period we met. Together we mastered all the challenges, grew an inseparable and insanely close relationship, and learned a lot about ourselves, but also about life and its true purpose in general.

In this period we also discovered our spirituality. We both decided to follow our talents and hence got trained by the best spiritual teaches to become spiritual life coaches ourselves. In the past years we have learned everything there is to know about natural medicine, spiritual healing, but also about personal development.

In 2017 we made the decision that we will do everything to chase our goals and find a way to see the world. A year later we started our world trip, while being on a sabbatical contract with our companies.

This was the starting point for us to create the happiest life we could have ever imagined. Travelling gives you the unique opportunity to unchain you from everything that is holding you back at home. It gives you the needed freedom to connect to your true self and unleash your full potential. Seeing so many different places and cultures, gives you a complete new prospective and enough space from your issues at home to view them from a different angle.

Our worldtrip helped us to reconnect to our true selves, let go of any troubles that hold us back and have a clear view on what is really important to us and where we want to go in life.

Our biggest mission for us is therefore to share our knowledge that we have gathered over the last years and help you become the happy and healthy person you were always meant to be.

We want to give you all the tools needed to chase your own travel adventures, create the financial freedom to go see the world and most importantly create a safe place where you can overcome any fears and troubles and transform in the person you truly want to be.